Resort Review: The Westin Desert Willow Villas

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Via Starwood Hotels 

This year I spent spring break at The Westin Desert Willow Villas in Palm Desert. I fancy myself a "resort connoisseur" as I've stayed at many resorts from NYC to Paris- don't worry, my friends and family do make fun of me for calling myself that.

My family is what my boyfriend dubbed "a Westin family" because we love Westin hotels. This was my first time staying at the newly finished Desert Willow Villas property and it did not disappoint. The property is so new, that some of it is still being built, however, the construction did not once hinder my experience in any way.

Via Starwood Hotels

Via Starwood Hotels

The rooms are villas meaning they have a kitchenette, a living area, a large bathroom and a bedroom sectioned off by doors. The bedroom also has a Westin Heavenly bed, which can only be equated to sleeping in a cloud. There are 9 buildings with 4 stories of villas on the property.

Via Starwood Hotels

The resort has three pools. The main pool is by the lobby and is filled with floats and volleyball nets and is outfitted with an impressive spiral water slide. The second pool is smaller and has the same energy. The third pool, or The Quiet Pool, was the pool where I spent my time. As suggested by its name, this pool is for those looking to have a zen experience. This is helped along by the spa music they play throughout the deck and hushed tones of chatter. This is the perfect place to relax and nap or read. There is a snack cart available at this pool with mixed drinks and poolside foods on the menu.

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The Agave Grill and Bar is the only restaurant on the property, however, the food is quite good. The bar has phenomenal drinks. Their margarita is to die for, and spring for the upgrade to Patron.

Although the walk from one side of the property to the other is only around 6 minutes, there are always shuttle golf carts going by to take you to any part of the property. It's a really fun experience to ride them and if you don't see one, you can call them and have one dispatched to you. They will even drive you to the golf course that loops around the property. There are a restaurant and bar in the golf course clubhouse that they are more than happy to take you to.

The resort has a kids club for children, but sadly no spa. They were able to recommend some spas in the area which was great, but I would've loved a massage right on the premises.

All in all, the resort has a good balance for kids and couples. I recommend this resort and I will certainly come here again!

I shot a lookbook video while I was there, as well, check it out!

Via Starwood Hotels

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