Summer Essentials 2019

Monday, July 8, 2019

Summer. It's finally here. We've had a cool spring here in L.A. and the warm temperatures of summer are a wonderful reprieve from the seemingly endless chill.

I've become such a summer lover, which is surprising because I used to be all about fall and winter. With the change of weather comes a need for a change of wardrobe. If you're wondering what to buy that is fresh this season and will have lasting power in your closet, you've come to the right place. What I love about this year's trends is that they are actually very classic and timeless, just reborn! So here are my recommendations.

Straw Bags

Vacation chic is something that crops up annually at summertime and while it is usually observed by those in San Tropez or on the Amalfi Coast, this year it is the chicest widespread style. A hallmark of vacay chic style is the staw bag. Many luxury houses have released their versions of this traditional summer bag, so investing in one of these pieces is a safe bet. However, for those not interested in picking up a luxury handbag- you can easily find high quality and timeless straw bags sustainably at second-hand stores.

Straw Hats

Straw hats are just as popular and timeless as their handbag counterparts. The beauty of straw hats is that they offer both style and function, and it is so important to keep the summer sun off of your face. These gorgeous accessories also are just the thing to pull an outfit together. A wide variety of straw hats are popular this year from boater hats to floppy chapeaus.

Neutral Toned Trousers 

Trousers are perhaps not what first comes to mind when you think of summer attire however, they're having a major moment. Vintage styles, such as high waisted trousers with wide legs in neutral tones- such as white, cream, navy blue, tan, and black- are highly covetable this season. They effortlessly embody timeless elegance.

Movie Star Katherine Hepburn in Pleated Trousers via

Square Toe Strappy Sandals 

Strappy sandals with square toes have taken over the Instagrams of the fashion forward. This 90s throwback is finally having a resurgence, and since it's been decades since Carrie Bradshaw clacked down the streets of Manhattan in shoes of this style, the second-hand and vintage stores in your area are a great place to look. I found great square toe shoes in my local second-hand shops, but none in my size. I decided to go with this ethically made pair from Everlane, but there are tons of stunning styles on shelves now.

Neutral Toned Blazers

French women have long known that a blazer is the perfect piece to make an outfit effortlessly chic and the rest of us are celebrating that fact this season. Blazers add structure and command respect for the wearer. Throw one over your summer outfit to combat freezing in an air-conditioned office or to keep you comfortable when the summer sunsets turn into summer nights.

Cotton & Linen 

Cotton and linen are traditional summer textiles and they're just at popular this summer as they've ever been. Breathable and light, it's no wonder that city folk and country dwellers agree that these fabrics make the best summertime pieces. From button-ups and shorts to blazers and pants, these materials reign supreme for the warmer months.

I hope this guide helps you to round out your wardrobe for the 2019 summer season. Stay hydrated, sunscreened, and stylish. 

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