Resort Review: Lloyd's Baia Hotel

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

This summer I took a beautiful trip to Italy and traveled from Rome to Lecce and back. While ALL of Italy is absolutely magical and wonderfully picturesque, the Amalfi Coast draws tourists from all corners of the earth for good reason.

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When searching for a perfect spot to stay and take in the beautiful coastal views, look no further than Lloyd's Baia Hotel.

Located in Salerno on the Amalfi Coast, Lloyd's is sure to meet all of your needs in spectacular style. Sitting atop a bluff, the hotel looks out over the ocean and the beach below.

My luxurious suite was nothing short of divine with a dining table and couch in the front room followed by the room with the bed and then finally a bathroom. These rooms were linearly arranged so that every room had an unobstructed view of the ocean. I slept with the doors open and waking up to the Amalfi Coast is something I would do every day if I could.
Lloyd's has an elevator that takes you from the hotel down to the beachfront in moments. The central part of the beach is reserved for Lloyd's guests where you can relax on a lounge chair with an umbrella. Behind the chairs sit some food stalls and a bar, where I partook in a Margherita Pizza and an Aperol Spritz. The water is calm and warm and was perfect for floating and taking in the magic of Italy. While the Amalfi Coast is not very handicap friendly due to the steep stairs in most of the towns, Lloyd's Baia provides an elevator from the cliffs where the hotel sits down to the beach below.

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For dinner, I stayed on the resort property and headed to their Michelin Starred restaurant, Re Maurì. Whilst sitting in a booth with panoramic Alamfi Coast views, I was served some of the most aesthetically pleasing dishes of my life as the sun set. It was mesmerizing.

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The next morning I had breakfast in the hotel, which was the most impressive breakfast buffet of the trip! I had not one, but five Nutella croissants, three cappuccini, watermelon, and pineapple juice.

When it comes to Lloyd's Baia Hotel, the question is not if I'll be back, it's when. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone traveling to the Amalfi Coast as it is the picture of a perfect luxury hotel.

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