Travel Guide: Pompeii

Thursday, April 4, 2019

A trip to Italy can be many things because the country is so diverse- from the gorgeous rolling hills of Tuscany to the Gondola speckled canals of Venice to the hustle and bustle of the proud city of Rome.

I had seen photos of the ruins of Pompeii online and I was expecting to like it (it's hard to get me to dislike anything Italian), but I was shocked at just how much I loved this amazing old city.

My NUMBER ONE tip for visiting Pompeii is to arrange a tour- many group and private tours are offered. Without a tour guide, it can be hard to get the full effect of just how amazing the old city of Pompeii was. I arranged my private tour on TripAdvisor and was matched with an archeologist that was actually working on the site! She had incredibly extensive knowledge of the ruins and I was shocked at how many things we still see, say, and do today were invented by the ancient Romans.

Walking shoes are crucial at the site. I recommend closed-toed sneakers and to avoid wearing heels, sandals, or flip flops. If you are very sun-sensitive, don't be afraid to bring an umbrella, as there is very little shade.

One of the best features of Pompeii is that it is still laid out as it was when Vesuvius erupted, thanks to the consequential ash that buried the city. This was not good news for the Pompeiians however, it has enabled us to walk the streets just as they did all those years ago.

The ancient Pompeiians lived in an incredibly advanced civilization and learning about it in person is invigorating and astounding. I highly recommend a trip to Pompeii!

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